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Historical Ragù alla Bolognese

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A timeless recipe and carefully-selected ingredients the historical version of ragù alla Bolognese. 200 g. 2/3 portions.

The art of one of Italy's most famous sauces, made according to the ancient recipe filed with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. Our Cesarine, ambassadors of the Italian culinary heritage, have bottled their cooking secrets and skills to bring this culinary masterpiece to your tables.

Our historical ragù alla Bolognese is made with top-quality beef and pork, and only a small amount of tomato - because the historical ragù must not be red. We also add a higher ratio of vegetables - celery, carrots and onions - which are full of flavour. A slow and prolonged cooking process that our expert cooks start early in the morning: the best vegetables cut with a knife sizzle in the pan together with extra virgin olive oil before we braise the meat and cook everything together over a low heat to bring out all the delicious tastes of these local ingredients.

Only Cervia salt and a little tomato paste are added to obtain the right balance of flavours and colours for the historical Bolognese ragù by Cesarine. A must-have sauce that will take you back in time.

Ingredients: beef 36,3%, tomato puree, pork belly 18%, onion, carrot, celery, extra virgin olive oil, double tomato concentrate, Cervia sea salt. gluten free.

Nutritional values: average per 100g energy 828kj/200kcal, fat 16g of which saturated fatty acids 5.0g, carbohydrates 2.4g, of which sugars 2.2g, fibre 0.8g, protein 11g, salt 0.93g.

Storage: after opening store in the refrigerator.

Production: produced in the factory of APPENNINO FOOD GROUP S.p.A.VIA DEL LAVORO 14/B - 40053 LOC. SAVIGNO, VALSAMOGGIA (BO)
Our Cesarine all agree: there is no better match than the egg pasta tagliatelle to taste the historical ragù alla Bolognese. Two cornerstones of the Emilian tradition that represent the true Italian cuisine in the world. The ragù is the most versatile condiment in our kitchens, as it can be paired with all types of egg pasta such as rustiche, gramigna, garganelli and farfalle.

It is also the star of Bologna's famous lasagne, where we add béchamel sauce and grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Even polenta, cannelloni and potato gnocchi are wonderful with this sauce. You can also use this sauce for making Roman supplì, to make tasty meatballs or even for giving an extra kick to savoury pies and stuffed vegetables.

With just a pinch of creativity, you can turn any recipe into a spectacular Italian dish with our iconic ragù sauce.
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