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Finest Ragù Selection

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Ragù is one of Italy's most iconic sauces, with hundreds of variations up and down the country. We have selected our favourites especially for you.

To make a true ragù, one of the main ingredients is time. Inside each of the 8 jars our expert cooks have enclosed their love for cooking and for Italian traditions, so you can taste the very best Italy has to offer with your favourite pasta.

  • Historic Bolognese Ragù 200g - 2/3 portions
  • Traditional Bolognese Ragù 200g - 2/3 portions
  • Ragù di Bianca Modenese and Mora Romagnola 200g - 2/3 portions
  • White Cortile Ragù 200g - 2/3 portions
  • White Chianina Ragù 200g - 2/3 portions
  • Roe deer ragout 200g - 2/3 portions
  • Venison ragout 200g - 2/3 portions
  • Wild Boar Ragout 200g - 2/3 portions

From the Emilia-Romagna region, we offer three types of ragù: the traditional Bolognese ragù, which is richer in tomato, the historical Bolognese ragù with a perfect balance of beef and pork, and a special variation made only with native breeds of the provinces of Modena and Bologna.

For lovers of the most delicate flavors, the Cesarine offer two white ragù sauces: the farmhouse ragù and the Chianina. The collection could not miss Italy's prized game ragù: three excellent sauces made with wild boar, venison and roe venison.

Here at Cesarine, we select only the finest Italian ingredients to create excellent products that respect Italy's precious culinary heritage.

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Whatever your favorite ragù is, you will be amazed by the unique and intense flavors that this range offers. These versatile sauces are perfect in combination with egg pasta and durum wheat pasta but are also a perfect choice to accompany a soft polenta or simply on a slice of toasted bread to enhance all their aromas. Try them to season your layers of lasagna together with a ladle of béchamel or use them as a condiment for your baked pasta by adding the cheeses you like best.

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