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Nocino liqueur

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An intense walnut fragrance and a bright hazel colour for Casa Cesarine's Nocino. 500 ml.

Our Nocino di casa liqueur is produced according to the ancient recipe of the Cesarine from the town of Modena. The secret of our liqueur is to use only walnuts which have reached the right stage of ripeness and are harvested at a precise moment of the year, around June, which herbalists call tempo balsamico ("balsamic time"). In this period, the woody shell of the walnut has not yet formed, the nuts are covered by a soft green husk, rich in tannin, and the internal kernels still have a gelatinous consistency.

The process involves infusing these green walnut husks in alcohol, natural flavourings and sugar. The resulting "Nocino" is then aged in fine wooden barrels for 3 years before it can be used. Thanks to this long and delicate process you can fully appreciate all the well-rounded characteristics of our delicious liqueur.

Ingredients: alcohol (Italy and EU), walnut husks, sugar, natural flavourings. Alc. 40% Vol.

Storage: store in a cool and dry place, away from heat and light sources.

Production: produced in the factory: COMPANY CODE IT00MOX00478I

Perfect as a digestif at the end of the meal, our Cesarine suggest to serve it at a temperature between 16-18°C to enhance its flavour.

Creativity is never lacking in our homes and many Cesarine use it to garnish ice-cream desserts. Some of them suggest pairing it with Parmigiano Reggiano during an aperitif based on local cheeses or use it to flavour cakes made with cream and dried fruit.
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