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Lemon liqueur

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Fresh, fragrant and delicate, the Cesarine lemon liqueur is perfect for every occasion. 500 ml.

This lemon liqueur of casa Cesarine is the symbol 'par excellence' for our Cesarine of the Amalfi Coast. No self-respecting lunch or dinner would be complete without a glass of this typical liqueur after dessert. Obtained by macerating lemon peel in alcohol, the traditional recipe for Cesarine includes the addition, at a later stage, of the juice of untreated lemons to give a more delicate note.

Another key to its flavour is the careful preparation of the lemon zest, where we eliminate any white pith (the inner part of the peel, which has a bitter taste). The sweet essential oils contained in the zest are released through a slow process that results in a refreshing, sweet liquor. One sip will sweep you away, just like the soft sea breeze of Sorrento.

Ingredients: hydrated alcohol (Italy and EU), sugar, natural lemon flavourings, infusion of fresh lemon peels 2%. Alc. 29.5% Vol.

Storage: store in a cool and dry place, away from heat and light sources.

Production: produced in the factory: COMPANY CODE IT00MOX00478I

Perfect as a digestif at the end of a meal. To enhance the freshness, put your glasses in the freezer for a while before serving the liqueur. The Cesarine lemon is perfect for any occasion. It is one of our most popular liquors, as it can also be used in many recipes in the kitchen.

Our Cesarine experts suggest using it to add flavour to custard, to create delicious mousses or to your panna cotta. In the tradition of our Cesarine from Campania, it is the main ingredient of the icing in the 'delizia di limone' dessert, and you can also use it in a caprese cake or for a babà (which is traditionally prepared with rum).

But the recipes don't end there! It can also be used to give a special flavour to risotto or chicken escalopes. Unleash your creativity to create your own dishes with the Cesarine lemon liqueur.
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