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Amatriciana Pasta Sauce

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Italian tomatoes, 'guanciale' bacon and Cervia sea salt: that's Casa Cesarine's famous amatriciana. 200 g. 2/3 portions.

This traditional recipe is famous all over the world, making its birthplace, the picturesque village of Amatrice, in the province of Rieti near Rome, a popular tourist attraction. As one of the most typical recipes of the Lazio region, in 2020 it was officially recognized as a guaranteed traditional specialty of the European Union.

Our Cesarine from Amatrice are faithful to the original recipe, which is ancient. The recipe only began to use the addition of tomato in the 1700s, when this ingredient arrived in our country, but it dates back much further.

This is the recipe we use today, and how we can guarantee a true taste of Italy right at your table. The selection and research of top-quality local ingredients such as guanciale (pork cheek bacon) and Italian-grown tomatoes make the Cesarine's Amatriciana an excellent sauce for your pasta dishes.

Ingredients: tomato pulp, seasoned bacon 29% (pork jowl, salt, spices, natural flavours), peeled tomatoes, tomato puree, extra-virgin olive oil, onion, Cervia sea salt, chilli pepper. Tomato origin: Italy. Gluten free.

Nutritional values
: average per 100g energy 535kj/ / 128kcal, fat 11.2g of which saturated fatty acids 3.4g, carbohydrates 4.4g of which sugars 3.08g, fibre 0g, protein 2.5g, salt 1.04g.

Storage: after opening store in the refrigerator.

Production: produced in the factory of APPENNINO FOOD GROUP S.p.A VIA DEL LAVORO 14/B - 40053 LOC. SAVIGNO, VALSAMOGGIA (BO)
Cesarine tradition sees spaghetti as the perfect pairing for this sauce, this long pasta is the ideal shape to capture the gorgeous flavours and rich textures of the sauce.

For a perfect Amatriciana, the Cesarine suggest heating the sauce in a non-stick pan adding a ladle of pasta cooking water before mixing your cooked pasta into the sauce in the pan to serve. As a garnish, you can fry some strips of guanciale and add a generous sprinle of Pecorino Romano DOP cheese.

Want to get creative? Our Amatriciana sauce can be used for the famous Roman street food supplì (fried rice balls), as a topping for your homemade pizzas, or to with potato gnocchi, which are traditionally enjoyed on Thursdays in Rome.
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