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About us

Cesarine is the first authentic Italian cooking community of experiences and products.

With 1,500+ experienced and certified cooks in 450+ destinations in Italy, the Cesarine are the ambassadors of the traditional cuisine of their region, their city and their family.

Since 2004, the Cesarine have been welcoming guests from all over the world to their tables to teach and share old family recipes by organising lunches, dinners and cookery courses. All culinary experiences are also available online, allowing fans of Italian culture to virtually enter the kitchens of our expert cooks for live cooking lessons.

For its commitment to safeguarding traditional Italian cuisine, in 2019 Cesarine received the prestigious Slow Food Community award, the first to be awarded throughout Italy.

We strongly believe that home food with all its family, historical, cultural and social implications is at the origin of Italian culture:

- We value being at the table as a moment of connection, sharing and transferring values between generations and cultures

- We promote the Mediterranean diet as a food choice and as a healthy, wholesome and sustainable model

- We encourage female micro-entrepreneurship, we favour small local producers and typical local products;

- We safeguard the traditional recipes of Italy's food and wine heritage through the use of local ingredients, utensils, preparation and cooking methods handed down through generations;

- We protect the environment by combating food waste through responsible food consumption with seasonal products, no-waste recipes and 100% plastic-free experiences.

Now you can enjoy a range of Cesarine products that reflect our passion for authentic Italian home cooking

- The ancient family recipes of the Cesarine community, handed down from generation to generation

- The finest Italian ingredients and sustainable production methods

- Artisanal and sustainable production

By choosing us, you are the quality of the Italian land and helping us to protect the roots of Italy's culinary heritage through authentic home cooking.