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E-Legante - Mix for frying

The E-Legante Flour by Agugiaro & Figna is a special flour, steam treated, for frying and thickening. Dedicated to Italian frying, it is ideal for frying, creams, pancakes, gnocchi. The special thickening effect optimizes the...

P A N M U E S L I Italian Flour for bread

Panmuesli Flour by Agugiaro & Figna is a mixture based on multigrains and seeds for the production of dark bakery products with unmistakable toasted notes, pleasantly acidulous. Pack of 2 Kg. Ideal for bread and focacce. The Agugiaro...

PA N F O C A C C I A Flour Mix for pizza and focaccia

Panfocaccia Flour Mix from Agugiaro & Figna is a special blend of flour and pre-measured ingredients, including salt, which gives softness to baked goods and ensures their long-lasting preservation. Pack of 2 Kg. Ideal for pizza,...

P A S T A L I N D A Italian Flour for homemade pasta

Pasta Linda Flour from Agugiaro & Figna is a soft wheat flour type 00 for handmade pasta. Pack of 2 Kg. Ideal for traditional fresh egg pasta, simple or stuffed and piadine.  The Agugiaro &...

E M I L I A Italian Flour for pasta

Flour Emilia by Agugiaro & Figna is a balanced blend of flours with low ash content from soft wheat and durum wheat. It gives the pasta resistance during cooking, brings a rustic consistency and maintains...

D U T T I L E Italian Flour for Dessert

Duttile Flour from Agugiaro % Figna is a soft wheat flour type 00 with low gluten content. Pack of 2 Kg. Ideal for baked cakes, biscuits, shortcrust pastry, sponge cake, cake, choux dough, brownies, fried...

M O R A Italian wholemeal flour

Flour M O R A by Agugiaro & Figna is a wholemeal soft wheat flour, with a full and balanced flavor. The particular gentle grinding to which it is subjected preserves all the vital components...
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The joy of traditions

Cherished memories of family Sundays, of generations coming together in the kitchen and of precious recipe books handed down through the generations: Cesarine sauces are a collection of memories, love and tradition straight from real Italian homes. Start your voyage of discovery through the classic sauces of Italy's culinary heritage.