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Zabaione Liqueur

Our Zabaione di casa comes from the ancient recipes of our Cesarine, who have been preparing it in their homes for generations. It is a typical liquor of the Emilia-Romagna region, which was added of...

Finest Regional Selection: Tuscany

Tuscany's cuisine is world-famous for a reason. Intense flavours and aromas, precious ingredients, and precious cooking skills passed down through the generations with love. With this selection of 8 symbolic products of the Tuscan culinary...

Cacio e Pepe Sauce

Cacio e pepe sauce is made with simple, excellent quality ingredients and according to the recipes of our Roman DOC Cesarine. Behind the simplicity, however, you'll find centuries of history and dozens of curious legends...

Home Liqueurs

Every region and every Italian city has a characteristic liqueur made according to the ancient traditions handed down for generations. Only the best fruits, harvested at specific times of the year and processed with care...

Finest Ragù Selection

To make a true ragù, one of the main ingredients is time. Inside each of the 8 jars our expert cooks have enclosed their love for cooking and for Italian traditions, so you can taste...

Artichokes in olive oil

Artichokes in olive oil is one of our favourite vegetarian recipes. The art of making preserves is in our Cesarine's DNA: the ability to identify the right time to harvest the vegetables; the ability to...
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