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Rustiche Pasta

This pasta is similar to tagliatelle, they are characterised by a narrower width and greater roughness and porosity, making them perfect for capturing dense and full-bodied sauces. The ingredients are the simple ones of the Italian...

Tagliatelle Pasta

Tagliatelle is the most famous shape of our selection of egg pasta, the ultimate pasta for a traditional Sunday lunch in Italy. They are prepared with simple quality ingredients, according to the ancient Emilian recipe...

Pappardelle Pasta

Our pappardelle pasta are the star of the Tuscan Cesarine family lunches, kneaded and rolled with love by generations of expert home cooks. Their shape is similar to the more famous tagliatelle, but with a much...

Garganelli Pasta

Garganelli is a type of egg pasta typical of the Romagna region. Our Cesarine have been preparing them for generations. In ancient times, cooks would shape this pasta using a part of the loom known...

Gramigna Pasta

Gramigna is an a short, curled egg pasta typical of the Emilian tradition and very popular in the provinces of Bologna and Modena where it is found on the menus of the best trattorias. Its...

Farfalle Pasta

Farfalle is a pasta shape that is loved all over Italy, and is especially popular with children. Like all Cesarine products, the recipe is faithful to generations of Italian tradition: they are prepared only with...
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